All Mitsubishi inverters need the same basic setup as detailed below.


All Mitsubishi inverters require a basic minimum setup. This basic setup is needed to match the inverter to the motor and to the application. In simple terms there are 9 – 10 basic parameters that must be set correctly.

Design Constraints

The first activity when setting up an inverter is to enter the motor details as shown below. Note that Pr stands for parameter so Pr.3 means parameter 3.

The next activity is to make the necessary parameter settings to mach the application as follows.

Note – on the diagram above V = voltage and f = frequency. Pr.19 is Base Frequency voltage and Pr.3 is Base Frequency.

An optional extra parameter setting is to improve the energy efficiency of the inverter (and thus energy saving), as follows.

Further Information

For further information, refer to the appropriate instruction manual for the chosen inverter. Application data sheets are also available covering the items above in more details.

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