All 700 series inverter drives have I/O and it is now possible to monitor all I/O states from the parameter unit.


Mitsubishi inverter drives have always had digital inputs and outputs (I/O), but has not always been possible to monitor the status of these I/O. All 700 series inverters now support I/O status monitoring and this document details this process.

Design Constraints

To enable the display of I/O status, parameter 52 must first be set equal to 55.

When parameter 52 = 55, each segment of the 4 digit LED display represents the status of a particular input or output. When the I/O item is ON the LED will be ON. When the I/O item is OFF the LED will be OFF.

Example of D700 I/O monitoring:

For the higher specification inverter drives there are several settings of parameter 52 that give access to status information on additional I/O.

Example of F700 I/O monitoring:

Further Information

For further information, see the relevant instruction and/or user manual for the inverter drive being used.

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