E1000 HMI support as series of “system signals” that allow designers to control certain features of the HMI. In this tip we look at control of the backlight.

Design Considerations

With a project open in the E Designer software, select System Signals from the Setup menu and you will see the following window:

In this example the data register D0 controls the backlight illumination where a value of zero is minimum illumination and 100 is maximum illumination. Also in this example the bit device M0 is used to turn the backlight ON or OFF. A value of zero is backlight OFF and a value of 1 is backlight ON.


For the older E range HMIs, before the E1000 series, the backlight illumination was controlled by the following command line instruction DIM followed by a data register.In the example below data register D0 controls the illumination and takes a value in the range -63 to +63.

Further Information

For further information see the help system within the E Designer software.

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