Many customers using GI fiber (62.5/125) for MELSEC Net PLC to PLC and/or PLC to MELSEC Net Remote I/O (A-Series, QnA Series and Qn PLCs), want to test the network on the bench before installing and end up purchasing or wanting to borrow cables with a DL6 connector at both ends.

Design Consideration

On the current range of MELSEC Net 10/H GI fiber modules such as QJ71LP21GE, we use non-industry standard DL6 connectors. Most customers wish to use the standard ST type fiber optic connections and thus purchase patch cables as detailed below:

DL6-CP-ST-6-ZP-xxGY – DL6 to ST 62.5/125 GI fiber cable for MELSEC Net (where xx is the length in meters)

This is okay for the actual installation but when testing on the bench, customers usually purchase or try to borrow DL6-to-DL6 cables such as the following:

DL6-DL6-6-ZP-xx-GY – DL6 to DL6 62.5/125 GI fiber cable for MELSEC Net (where xx is the length in meters)

To be able to use the DL6-to-ST patch cables rather than having to obtain the DL6-to-DL6 cables as well, the solution is to use an ST-to-ST adapter such as the following items from RS Components:

Part Number:
215-4967; 252-8617; 249-8998

Further Information

For further information, refer to Mitsubishi’s cable documentation and/or contact our support desk (

You can download this Tip in PDF format here

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