There is a small but constant demand from customers to be able to convert old F1 or F2 PLC applications to run on the current range FX PLC, but the question is how?

Design Consideration

The following conversion procedure is not the only way of PLC project conversion but it is one that works. An FX2N PLC is chosen as the PLC type for conversion because it is:- a) supported by both GX Developer and Medoc software; and (b) it is the PLC type most likely to support the instruction set of the old F1/F2 PLCs.

This process assumes that the user already has the required Medoc PLC application files. The process of PLC programming application conversion is in six steps, as follows:

1. Open the F1/F2 PLC application in Medoc.

2. Change the PLC type to one supported by GX Developer (example FX2N) (refer to image to the left)

3. Save the Medoc project with the new PLC type.

4. Open GX Developer with a new blank FX2N project.

5. Import the Medoc project. (refer to the image on the left)

6. Change the PLC type into the FX required and save the project.



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