RTUs – being a Remote Terminal Unit – is an essential part of distributed PLC and IO systems.
This is a concise discussion on the ME-RTU module, its application options, including specifications, features and functionalities.

The following unit is applicable:

Standard and popular specifications and requirements:

  • Protocol: DNP3, Ethernet, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP
  • Integrated GPRS modem, real-time clock and I/O Optical Isolation 
  • Standard I/O – 16 DIN, 8 DO, 8 AIN 
  • Ports: Ethernet,

As for the PLC side: The FX5 PLC complies with the following:

  • PLC functionality – IEC61131-3 including data logger 
  • Din Rail Mount with I/O expansion 
  • Diagnostics and programming remotely 
  • Ports: Ethernet, RS485 (Standard), RS232 (Standard)  

FX5 PLC – standard compliance in conjunction with GX Works3

Data-logging function is also included…

FX5 CPU and ME-RTU are DIN rail mountable

IOs can be extended…

Diagnostics, Debugging, Simulation and Monitoring functionalities are included….

Standard Ethernet communication connections are possible… 

Communication specifications – compliance adherence… 

RS-485. RS-422 Serial communication standards, port included

Ethernet communication standard, port included

A typical IO, intelligent function and communication module, adaptor and baord expansion of the PLC CPU that can be used in conjunction wiith the RTU unit, might contain requirements such as: 

  • FX5u-32MT/DS (PLC CPU)  +
  • FX5-8AD (analog input module) +
  • FX5-232-BD (Serial communication board)

The Configuration Chart would look something like this:

The Purchase List would look something like this: