Where several motors are to be speed controlled at the same speed it can be an efficient solution to install one suitably rated VSD drive to control these motors.

Design Considerations


The following points need to be considered in the design and installation of the system:

  • Ensure the VSD is rated to supply enough current to accelerate all attached motors.
  • If contactors are to be used to switch in motors, these need to be suitably rated for PWM operation.
  • The VSD thermal overload should be turned off (PR.9) and a separate overload device for each connected motor needs to be installed.
  • Output phase loss on the drive must be turned off (PR.251).
  • Output cable length should not exceed 100m in total.
  • Output chokes may need to be installed for extended output cable runs.

Further Information
For further information, please refer to the FR-F700 manuals.

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