With a servo system, when the actuator is a conveyor or feed system that always indexes in the forward direction, it can be difficult to divide the encoder resolution into the feed pitch without getting a fraction of a pulse as a remainder. This document provides some possible solutions to this issue.

Design Considerations

Conveyor and/or feed system typically only index in one direction by a set or fixed amount of travel. In some cases it is not possible to exactly divide the required pitch into the resolution and get an exact whole number figure. There are several possible solutions to this but the most popular and possibly the easiest are detailed below.

Option 1

Configure the servo system in Pulses, NOT mm/inch/degrees. Divide the required pitch into the resolution taking into account any gear ratios.

Example of a QD75 positioning system:

Option 2

Option 1 above should always be setup first but if there is a remainder which is still too large for the customer to accept, consider using 2 moves alternating between an undersized move and an oversized move to compensate.

Further Information
For further information please refer to all relevant servo amp, servo motor and positioning system manuals.

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