The E1000 HMI range of HMIs supports Ethernet drivers for both FX3U and Q series PLCs. Both of these drivers support the facility of communicating with multiple PLCs through the one driver as detailed below.

Design Considerations

The following example uses the Q series PLC driver “QnA/Qn-SERIES (E71)”. The initial settings for this driver to communicate with a Qn PLC are shown below. The key setting being the IP address,

To display the data register D0 from the PLC at the above IP address with any object such as an “analogue numeric” on the HMI, all you need to enter is “D0”. To display the value of D0 from another PLC connected on Ethernet with the IP address for example, all you need is to enter 100:D0 as shown below.


  1. The first 3 digits of the IP address are the same as those set for the main target PLC.
  2. Communications with the main target PLC must be established before any communications is possible.

Further Information

For further information, please refer to “Controller Help” in the HMI software E Designer and then look in the Addressing section of the Help.

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