Parameter settings in an inverter and some setting values in a PLC are often expressed as whole integer values representing increments of 0.1 or 0.01. For example, 100 in an inverter parameter represents 10.0 units of measurement.

The issue is how to setup a GOT display such that it shows 10.0 (and allows data entry in this floating point format), but gives 100 in the attached inverter or PLC.

Design Considerations

We use a GOT1030 inverter connection demo project for our example below.

Using a “numeric input” object make the following setting to achieve the conversion of an on-screen floating point number with 1 decimal place, to a whole integer value in the connected inverter.

Once the basic settings have been made, the “extended” option needs to be selected as shown above. The only setting required on the “numeric input” object “extended tab” is as shown below.

Further Information

For further information refer to the GT Designer help files and manuals or contact our support desk (

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