Inter-device communication in the field of Industrial automation, in both factory automation and process control, This is the foundation of the integration philosophy, which is the future. In this particular application we will be looking at communicative interfacing between a FR-F800E VSD and a FX5U PLC via CCLink-IE Field Basic.

Communication Protocol

CC-Link IE Field Basic. This is an Ethernet based communication protocol.

Objectives in sequence

[1] Establish Inter-device communication connectivity interfacing. [2] Set VSD Run Speed (PLC based Speed reference). [3] Start the VSD in Forward Mode. [4] Attain Running Speed. [5] Start the VSD in Reverse Mode[6] Attain Running Speed.

VSD Setup via FR-Configurator 2

PLC Setup via GX Works 3

Communication Setup and Testing

Sample Programs (Tested Examples)

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