Under certain circumstances customers may wish to either show or hide an object on an HMI screen. This document explains how this can be achieved.

Design Considerations

There are two methods of showing and hiding object on screen depending on the GOT type as follows.

Example 1 – GT1155 and above

This method works by using the properties of the base screen “Key Window” and then “Advanced Setting”. This can be found from the “System” tab then “GOT Settings”, then “Environmental Settings”.

When operating conditions are not satisfied the object is controlled by its “Trigger” function effectively clearing these objects when GB1000 is turned off.

In the example below a Numeric input object has its trigger setting set but the internal bit GB1000. When GB1000 is ON the object is visible, when it is OFF the object is hidden.

Example 2 – GT1555 and above

This works by assigning a “Script” to each object, using the redraw/clear instructions, but still operated by GB1000. No settings are required in the “Key Window”, “Advanced Settings”.

Further Information

For further information please see the GOT screen design manual(s).

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