This is for the setup of the Modbus TCP Communication setup (via Ethernet) of the FR-F700 VSD.

Step 1: VSD Parameter Configuration Setup

As a guideline on what to look for during the setup on the VSD drive for instance for Modbus TCP communication – the following is applicable;
MODBUS TCP communication protocol.
1. The following is essential;
a. Pr550. Needs to 9999
b. PR551. Needs to be 5


Step 2: VSD PU Mode Accessibility Setup

Pr.79 needs to be 1
The reason for this is because the communication via Modbus TCP not considered as NET communication.
Lastly, the node ID in the Modbus TCP Network for this VSD, is to be 255 (this is the default). (this is what is to be specified within the PLC program)
Since you will have 7 VSD units each one’s network IP is to be set to be unique. (this parameter Pr.1437)


Step 3: Confirm the validity of the rest of the parametrization list.

The rest of the parameters, which includes the those auxiliary to the main parameter setup, are as follows. Note that most parameters (indicated) requires the VSD reset (power-off-on) in order for the parameter to be set.


Step 4: Status Word Accessing and controlling.

The following is the status word that you can use control and monitor the VSD.
Thus the VSD’s communication can be setup using the above mentioned status registers. (the FX5 – Modbus Communication manual is attached.)

Note that the VSD is to be in PU mode for the controlling of the Status word. (Not in NET mode.)



FR-A800E and FR-F800E VSD Drive - Ethernet Setup Manual 1.21 MB 113 downloads

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