FR-E700 VSD – Drive-Run (VSD Running) state capture setup. This procedure to describe how the setup\configure a VSD to provide a drive run status.

Step 1: Ensure that the VSD\PLC wiring is completed and correct.

There are two options – the transistor relay and contact relay option.

Either option can be used – depending on the user requirements. From a practical aspect – the more popular choice would be the Contact relay option.

Step 2: Ensure that the correct VSD parametrization is applied.

Pr.192 Refers to the setup of the contact relay option.

Pr.190 Refers to the setup of the Transistor relay option.

Pr.13 Allows the user to define the point of drive-run definition. In other words, at what point during startup, on the frequency spectrum can the drive be defined to be in a running state.

Step 3: Commissioning and System response confirmation

Ensure that the drive responds to running state through the contact relay and or Transistor relay.
This is achieved through the utilization of a multi-meter test;
Contact Relay: Continuity (when no power source is connected) or Voltage

Transistor Relay: Voltage (an open circuit will not provide a 0Vdc but will yield a lower voltage than an activated state.
From there ensure that the PLC is responding as a discrete input response.
In the case of no response in terms of the transistor relay, switch the polarities (the type (Sink/source) of TX may play a role).

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