The FX3G and FX3U PLCs provide the facility to add ADP modules to the left-hand side of the PLC such as the FX3U-4AD-ADP (4 channel analogue input module). The data for these modules is automatically placed into specific data registers in the D8000 range. However, the D8000 addresses used are not necessarily the same between the FX3G and the FX3U. This document shows the differences and indicates any other points of note.

Although not directly connected tot the use of ADP modules on an FX3G PLC, the talbe below shows different uses for the M8260 to M8279 registers that are normally used in an FX3U PLC for these modules. The table shows that for an FX3G PLC these M registers are used with BD interfaces.


The data sheets supplied with ADP modules will sometimes only give information regarding the use of the D8000 data registers for the FX3U and not necessarily the FX3G PLCs.

Further Information

For further information please see the MELSEC FX Series programming manual (Basic & Applied Instructions Edition) FX3U / FX3UC / FX3G – JY997D16601. Specifically chapter 37.

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