The interconnection of a PLC to a Servo amplifier or other front-end device, via a digital discrete pulse-train output – is catagory of High-speed outputs. 
In the case for Servo-amplifier control, this is known as positioning. 

This section will provide some basic options information for such interconnection with a iQ-F PLC system. 

Multiple of hardware options exist. When the PLC CPU is to be used for this type of output signal IO interfacing – it is clear that a relay contact output type of PLC CPU (MR) cannot be used for this purpose, especially for high-speed output rates. For such applications, a transisior (sink\source) type (MT) output is to be used. 

In addition to this – some positioning output FX5 modules, whichi specializes in high-speed digitial discrete outputs for positioning purposes exist. 

The following applies:

OPTION 1: – Pulse-Train Outputs from CPU

The FX5 CPU – has 4x High-speed outputs which can be used for Positioning Operations. They are Y00, Y01, Y02 and Y03.
They can accomodate a digital discrete output of up to 200kpps.

The following specifications applies:

For more information – the FX5 Hardware Manual can be consulted.

OPTION 2: – Dedicated FX5 Positioning Modules

The FX5 PLC range has has dedicated FX5 Positioning Modules. The FX5-20PG-P can accomodate a 2-axis pulse sequence at 200kpps. 

The FX5-20PG-D can accomodate a 2-axis pulse sequence at 5Mpps. 

For more information – the FX5 Positioning Manual can be consulted.