For companies that operate in many different countries around the world it is sometimes a requirement to be able to change the language used on an HMI screen. This document outlines a simple method for achieving this.

Design Constraints

The GT1000 HMIs provide a feature called language switching however this is not a built-in language translator. In simple terms this feature provides a method of changing between lists of text (Comments) that the user has created.

In the following example the data register D100 will be used to control the language switching and 3 words from the English, French, and German language will be used. See below to set the language switching data register.

See below on how to setup the basic comment lists.

Finally the individual comments must be entered as shown below. NOTE: t add extra rows select the “add” icon. In the example column 1 is for English, column 2 is for French and column 3 is for German.

Once the above has been completed a “simple comment” object can be placed on screen and setup as shown below. In this example comment number 1 has been chosen.

When this GOT project is run on the HMI the following will happen to the text that appears on screen in the “simple comment” object.

Value in D100 = Comment

Further Information

For further information, please refer to the help system iin the GT Designer software.

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