A typical GOT configuration may be where it is connected to a Q PLC via Ethernet or the programming port, and the Q PLC is connected to other PLCs via Melsec Net H.

The requirement is to display data not only from the PLC that the GOT is connected to but also display data from other Q PLCs on Net H. This document details how this can be achieved.

Design Constraints

The example below shown how to set up a numeric display object that will show the current value of the address register D0 from PLC station number 2 on network 1.

Select and place a numeric display object on screen. From the basic settings window select the item circled above. Enter the device D0 and then select the network setting other. Finally, select the network number 1 and the station number 2 followed by pressing the OK button.

Further Information

For further information, please refer to the help facilities within the GT Designer software.

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