It is not well known that within the GT1000 range of HMIs it is possible to create actions in a connected PLC based on the time and day of the week. This document outlines how to set this up using the Time Action feature.

Design Constraints

When a project is open in GT Designer 3, the project tree (typically on the right hand side) provides a selection for setting up the Time Action function. When selected, the Time Action function window appears and the first line can be double clicked as shown below.

Once opened, the Time Action function can be configured as shown in the example below. Example: turn on bit M0 at 9am and turn it off again at 5pm every working day (Monday to Friday).

This is a very simple example but the Time Action function does support many more features including external control by the connected PLC. Section 27 of the screen design manual (Functions) gives full details. This feature is supported throughout the entire GT1000 range of HMIs.

Further Information

For further information, please refer to the GOT screen design functions and fundamentals section in the manuals.

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