GX Utilities software add many features to the standard GX and GX IEC Developer software that can provide help with things such as error diagnostics, analogue gain and offset setting, etc.

Design Constraints

The suite of GX Utilities software supplied with the GX and GX IEC Developer PLC programming software provides additional functionality applicable to the hardware module to which they are related to.

For example, GX Configurator AD is a utility for the Q-Series PLC analogue input modules. This can be used to set the gain and offset of individual analogue channels, reset module errors, etc.

Access to GX Configurator AD can be gained by clicking on any Q6xAD analogue input module, (Q68ADV in this example), in the System Monitor diagnostics tool and then selecting the Diagnostics button.

The first screen will then show the current values and setting for each analogue channel as shown below.

To reset an error, for example, scroll the screen down and select the X/Y Monitor/Test button.

To complete and error reset, select the item shown below and set it to “ON request” followed by selecting the Execute button.

This is only one example of the many features this particular utility offers, and the same thing applies to all the other GX Utilities (GX Configurator XX).

Further Information

For further information, please refer to the manual for each hardware module.

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