There is sometimes a requirement to take a running project from a PLC and combine it with comments that exist in another project that may be an earlier version of the same application.

Design Constraints

Typically, when a PLC project is uploaded into GX Developer the program does not have any comments. In this situation the user may have an earlier version of the project saved in GX Developer that does have comments. The requirement is therefore to combine the comments of the old project with the uploaded code of the current project. The process to achieve this result is as follows:

  1. Upload the existing project from the PLC into the programming software GX Developer.
  2. Select Merge Data from the Tools menu of GX Developer.
  3. Browse for the saved project on the PC and select the Comment option.
  4. Now select Comment from below the Develop Comment name and press the Select button.
  5. Complete the procedure by entering a Data Name, such as Name and press Execute.
  6. The comments should now be merged with the program.

See example below:

Further Information

For further information, please refer to the GX Developer manuals.

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