This is a very brief explanation of how to setup Modbus Ethernet communication from Adroit SCADA to Mitsubishi F800-E2 drive.
Modbus Ethernet addresses can be found in the A800-E/F800-E Ethernet Function Manual available on MyMitsubishi. However, the normal Modbus RTU addresses in the F800 Instruction Manual (Detailed) can also be used. All VSD parameters can also be read from the VSD.

The Adroit  SCADA Setup

Open your Config Editor and go to Agent Server Configuration. Open the Driver configuration.

Adroit Communication setup 1

Now add your Modbus device (Modbus VSD device name). The configuration window should open.

Adroit Communication setup 2

Now you need to configure your device setup as follows;

The PLC Station ID MUST be 255. This is a fixed unit identifier in the VSD.
The PLC type stays Modicon 984.
The IP address should be that of the VSD.
The rest of the configuration in the window can stay the same.
Now click on the Advanced button.

Adroit Communication setup 3

The only change to be made here, is the disable of “Address 255 Padding Required” and “Backoff period” to 0.
Press OK and OK again.

That is it, you have now setup drive on the Adroit SCADA side. All that you now have to do is scan the Adroit agents to the Modbus addresses.

Mitsubishi F800-E2 VFD Settings

The setup in the Mitsubishi VSD side can be found in the A800-E/F800-E Ethernet Function Manual. Some parameter settings are discussed below; after all the parameter changes, the drive needs to be powered down for 10 seconds and power on again for the settings to be applied.

The first would be the IP address. This must be on the same range as the Adroit SCADA server which it is connecting to. Below is the configuration of the drive through the FR Configurator2.

Adroit Communication setup 4

As you can see, that is the IP address specified in the Adroit SCADA setup.
Next the manual states that one of the Ethernet function selections must be specified as 502 (Modbus). Up to 3 connections can be made to the drive, however this includes the Mitsubishi software connection (FR Configurator2, port 5001). These parameters are (Pr. 1427-1429)

Adroit Communication setup 5

This part is a bit tricky. This section is to specify the Ethernet Command source. This is to limit where commands can be received from.

Adroit Communication setup 6

As you can see, the first 3 ranges of the IP address stays the same, however the 4th is specified as 0. Then Pr. 1453 is the range specification for 3rd range in the IP address. This we kept as 50, however it can specified anything higher than 50 to 255. This means that you can have the Adroit SCADA server on a different IP range, but it is not recommended.

Pr. 1454 is the max range for the IP address. This is the IP address max in the range in which it will receive the commands from. In the example we made it 200, so the IP address must end between 0-200. The Adroit Agent Server must have an IP address that ends between 0-200. After all the configuration changes, you will need to cycle the power.

The onboard Modbus Ethernet communication is not recognized as NET communication but as PU. So PR.79 needs to be set to 1. Then PR.551 must be set to 5.

Adroit Communication setup 7

If the rest of the configuration is setup according to the Mitsubishi A800-E/F800-E Ethernet Function manual, then you should be able to connect to the drive.

Note Also:

When connecting to FR-F800 series inverter (and most probably other ModbusTCP supported Mitsubishi inverters) using ModbusTCP, ensure to untick in advanced options of driver “Address 255 Padding Required” and also enable SWAP of bytes according to screenshot from below.
The FR unit address is always fixed at 255.
Remember also that Adroit SCADA is behaving like Modbus Master, so there should be no more Modbus master devices in the network. (Only one Modbus Master is allowed per network.)

Sample connection configuration below:

Adroit Communication setup 8
Adroit Communication setup 9

Video Resources

The following video resources can be used as additional resources:

A demonstration from the Adroit SCADA perspective shows the operation:

The following video demonstrates the connection and control from the VFD perspective:

Program Resources

Sample example programs:
The following are the Adroit SCADA files for the above demonstration:

SCADA (8.6 KB)

The following are the FR Configurator 2 (VFD engineering software) files for the above demonstration:
VSD (15.9 KB)