Here will discuss some points on the FX5UJ, in terms of features and functions, compared to that of the FX5U. 
As such – most of the features discussed – will be that of the FX5UJ. 

Wiring Connections (Digital Discrete IO)

Here we will be looking at some digital discrete IO wiring connections.
First we look at the Digital Discrete Inputs, and the Sink\Source aspects thereof:

Second, we will be looking at the Digital Discrete Ouputs, and the Sink\Source aspects for the Transmitter Output Type:

Register and Relay types – memory register details:

As for the internal auxiliary relays (M), state relays (S), timers (T), counters (C) and data registers (D); The following table provides the required information:

GX Works3 – PLC Engineering Software

The latest GX Works3 version is compatible with the FX5UJ CPU – and can be attained as a free update HERE (the update is free – but the original software key is required).

Programming Interface Options

As for the programming of the FX5UJ PLC – the following options are available:

Built-in Ethernet Port (thus using a standard Ethernet cable);

Built-in Mini-USB Communication Port:

These ports are located as follows:

E-manual Viewer

It is worth mentioning that – all of the information depicted above – as well as additional information can be attained via the E-Manual viewer – which is a free, installable app.

This can be downloaded HERE.

Reference and Information Resources

The following is an applicable set of information Resources: