Here we provide some technical and training resources for getting started purposes. Training resources will also be included to streamline the requirements.

regarding Melsec iQ-F (GX Works3) training resources; The following is applicable:

GX Work3 – Melsec-iQ-F Introductory training.

The course information can be found HERE;

Here you will find 3 important components of this course:

    • Training Manual (HERE)
    • Videos (there are 9 videos in this course) (The first one HERE)
    • Questionnaire (HERE)

So after you have watched the videos, and worked through the manual, you can complete the questionnaire.

Send the completed questionnaire and completed PLC program (in the course) to me. We will mark it, and present you with the certificate, applicable.

(this is the introduction course) – we do present these classes periodically (it’s a one-day course) – and if you wish, we can add you to the list for the next one. (it’s free but you will need an FX5U to work with).

GX Works3 – Additional training resources:

Some information upon which these courses are based are: (Melsec-iQ-F):

                Melsec iQ-F Intermediate: FX5 User’s Manual (Startup)

                Melsec-iQ-F Advanced: FX5 Programming Manual (Program Design)

Mitsubishi e-learning resources

Finally, there is also the Mitsubishi e-learning resources – where free training courses can be attained;

                Mitsubishi e-Learning

For assignment Submission

The following contact details are applicable: