A short comparison between two Melsec iQ-R memory cards types SD memory card vs SRAM

SD memory card – NZ1MEM-2GBSD (284966)  

                This is a 2GB SD memory card.

                Any PLC CPU that has an SD card slot – can use this card.

                Uses: It is used to store memory databases for recipe storage, firmware updating, logging data, file transfer, and program back-ups.

SRAM ,Memory Cassette – NZ2MC-1MBS (283684)  

                This is a SRAM memory cassette.

                Uses: To increase device/label memory and to be used as a hardware security key.

A Summarized Breakdown

Herewith a  breakdown of the two memory types. 

Please note: The memory cards do not expand the PLC programming memory (internal memory) (programming steps).