This article serves as a procedure for the accessing and downloading of Mitsubishi FA Automation hardware software (configuration and engineering software).

Mitsubishi FA EMEA Common Platform (CP)

In connection to the latest GX Works3 version download– the following download link will help you attain  the latest version of this software can be attained as follows: Mitsubishi FA EMEA Common Platform (CP) – technical resource;

Account Registration

In order to access resources from the EMEA CP – registration is required.

The MyMitsubishi common platform download option:

MyMitsubishi Common Platform registration:

The website link being; or

Registration is Free, Quick, and Simple

FR-Configurator 2 Download

As for the utilization of this resource – the following is applicable; – an example on how to use the search facility;

After successful registration – the client can download the required resources – by searching for it. An example of this is below;

For example – you can download the full version of FR Configurator2 from here: (used for parameterization purposes of VFD Inverters)

Search for FR-Configurator 2; (or other)

From here.. simply download.

Herewith a video demonstrating the downloading of software from the Common Platform;

GX Works3 Download

Herewith – another example of software download – in this case, GX Works3 – PLC Engineering Software

Always look for the latest version of this software that needs to be downloaded.


  1. Whether the discs are attained or not – the latest versions are still to be downloaded with the method above. This is to ensure that all the updates and latest stable features are accessed
  2. You will need a product ID for installation. This will be the product ID found in the software package case.