The Melsec-A series PLC series is long since being discontinued, from manufacturing, supply and support perspective. Nonetheless, there are still some Melsec-A series PLCs in the processes and systems. This particular article is addressing the Motion controller A172SHCPUN and its OS Software Packages – and in particular the differences between SW0SRX-SV22C and SW3RN-SV22C.

Two of the OS Software packages used with the A172SHCPUN is the SW0SRX-SV22C and SW3RN-SV22C.

It must be pointed out that these software packages have different functions:

  • SW0SRX-SV22C – intended for automatic machinery
  • SW3RN-SV22C – intended for motion SFC-compatible automatic machinery.

These are different and are not inter-convertible.

It must also be pointed out the these products have different article order numbers since they have different applications – not interchangeable: