It is well known that the CC-Link multi-drop serial communications network has a number of rules when it comes to the physical cable, but it is not well that this network can be extended and branched. Here we aim to explain how the AJ65SBT-RPT repeater module can be used for CC-Link branching and extending.

Design Considerations

The one main rule for serial CC-Link cabling is that the maximum end-to-end cable distance is 1.2km at a baud rate of 156K baud. The AJ65SBT-RPT offers the possibility of both extending and branching the network as shown below.

Example: branched and extended network

Use of this module enables the transmission distance of the CC-Link system to be extended. In addition, use of multiple modules enables the transmission distance of the CC-Link system to be extended up to 10 stages.

Enabled T-junction wiring in CC-Link system – arrangement of this module between the modules of the CC-Link system enables the CC-Link system to be wired in the form of T-junction. This is applicable to all CC-Link systems operating at transmission speeds of 10 Mbps, 5 Mbps, 2.5 Mbps, 625 kbps and 156 Kbps.

Maximum number of modules connected to configure CC-Link system – remote I/O stations, remote device stations, local stations, ready master stations, intelligent device stations and repeaters of 64 modules maximum can be connected in one segment.

In the CC-Link system where repeaters are used, also the number of remote stations capable of being controlled by one master station is the same as in the other systems. For details, refer to the user’s manual of the applicable master module.

Maximum number of stages connected to configure segment – use of this module enables communication between the master station located in a segment and a remote station located in a segment apart by 10 stages maximum from the segment where the master station exists.

Further Information

For further information see the appropriate AJ65SBT-RPT manual and other manuals such as those for the various CC-Link master modules.

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