The Mitsubishi Electric Q-Series PLC range provides two ranges of timers (low speed and high speed), however it is not always obvious how to program them into the PLC code. This document explains how this is done and shows how to manipulate the associated PLC parameters.

Design Considerations

To use a high speed counter in a normal Qn PLC program, simply type the letter “H” and then a space in front of the timer required when entering an output coil as shown below.

When completed, the output coil will be as shown below.

The time base of either range of timers (low speed or high speed) is set in PLC parameters. The default settings are shown below.

These settings can be adjusted but they will affect all low or high speed timers.


Once downloaded to the PLC, parameter changes will only take effect after the PLC has been reset.In the example above the high speed timer will run for 300 milliseconds (30 x 10mS).

Further Information

For further information please see the Q PLC programming manual.

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